New Scout Leader

We were looking for a new fundraising program that was more in line with our core belief of “Always Being Prepared”. My wife found and a light bulb went off. Learning to save a life was directly in line with the Scouting motto. They don’t require credit cards as deposits, which was great. We didn’t have to pick-up, store, handle or deliver anything. It was simple to start, they do most everything for you. You email the materials out and encourage your contacts to help support your group. Super easy and we made more money faster than any other fundraising program. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Steve H. New Scout Leader

Certificate Code Validation

Authorized Training

National training providers such as the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association have no authority to certify any other providers training programs or curriculum other than their own local training centers.

There is no national training authorizing authority as it relates to the issuance of training programs or certifications.

No logos from any other national training provider will appear on's certificates of completion or training certification cards.

Training Standards training programs have been modeled after the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) national guidelines for Bystander or Community level CPR training.

All training is OSHA compliant. Requirements for CPR training are issued by individual employers and educational institutions. training certification's should not be used for Healthcare Provider Level training requirements or if you will be working as a childcare provider.

Participants are required to verify that our training standards are acceptable for their needs. If you require a certification card instead of a certificate of completion, please select that option during your checkout.


Online training participants may find it useful or beneficial to participate in a hands-on skill review session, at the conclusion of their online training, to reinforce presented skills. However, there is no legal requirement to do so. Some employers or schools may have individual policies preferring or requiring hands-on skills practice.

Completing CPR training in an online or classroom environment does not guarantee that your resuscitation efforts will be effective if performed in an emergency environment.